Men around the world are caught in a crazy photovoltaic grid consumption video

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At present, due to the practical problems of thermal energy, gas, hydroelectric,...

At present, due to the practical problems of thermal energy, gas, hydroelectric, wind energy and biomass energy in our country, additional energy structure, lack of unified planning and deployment, slow progress of flexibility in thermal energy conversion, and lack of coordination of existing devices, solar power The power plant is connected to the network, and the consumption problem is still serious.

Men around the world are caught in a crazy photovoltaic grid consumption video

On December 26, 2022, the National Energy Administration issued a Notice on the Publication and Distribution of "Administrative Measures on the Development and Construction of Photovoltaic Power Plants" (hereinafter "Measures"). "Measures" are effective from the date of issue and are valid for 5 years. "Interim Measures on Solar Power Plant Project Management" (Guoneng Xinneng [2013] No. 329) is repealed at the same time.

Recently, with the development of solar technology, cost reduction, and the goal of carbon neutrality being presented, the development environment of the solar industry is undergoing a great change. The problem of consumption caused by the increase in power has become more and more visible, and the price of the solar industry has changed a lot... Power plants should be addressed through policy. It's more suitable for actual development.

According to the director of the National Energy Directorate, the purpose of the "measure" is to standardize the development and management of solar power plant construction and promote the sustainable, sound and high-quality development of the solar power industry.

Large wind and solar power plants bear the heavy responsibility of regulating the energy structure.

In recent years, domestic solar power plant construction and market structure have undergone dynamic changes.

“In the early days, the construction of solar power plants mainly depended on reserve resources. Later, due to limited consumption in the northwest region and a decrease in industrial technology costs, solar power was distributed to land power plants and coastal areas in the central and eastern regions. At the same time, large-scale solar power generation bases and With the expansion of policy support, distributed solar power will be the key point for the growth of the solar power market in 2022.” Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Samgyo Energy) said in an interview with a reporter of the newspaper ‘Science and Technology Daily’ that ‘Infinite Landscape The construction of large-scale bases equipped with 'has a great responsibility in regulating China's energy structure.

The northwestern region of our country is rich in solar energy resources and has obvious advantages in new energy development, but due to relatively backward economic development, the local market has limited consumption capacity, and some regions in the central and eastern regions have concentrated loads. and power demand.

Yang Benjun said that most of the first and second parts of the new energy station introduced by "Shagehuang" have collected and transmitted new energy through the relevant transmission channels. While promoting regional economic development, the energy structure was adjusted and excellent resources were converted into movement promotion. Korea's low-carbon green power generation energy.

According to the latest statistics from the State Energy Administration, in the first 11 months of 2022, China deployed approximately 65.7 GW of solar capacity and 22.5 GW of wind capacity. China's total installed solar capacity will reach 490 GW by the end of 2023, with wind capacity reaching 430 GW, according to China's National Energy Administration.

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